Sell P-toluenesulfonyl semicarbazide

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P-toluenesulfonyl semicarbazide
Melecular formula: ch3c6h4so2nhnhconh2
CAS NO. : 10396-10-18
appearance: white powder
content: 98%
Decompose temperature: 224-235'c
moisture: 0.5% max
ash: 0.5% max
gas delivered: 140-150ml/g (double of AC)
granularity: 95% pass 100 screen mesh
packing: 25kg weave bag pocket or 25kg paper drum

USE: foaming agent RA PTSS is the high temperature vesicant. it is used in lots of hard PVC. HDPE. polypropylene, polycarbonate, nylon, ABS, nature rubber, styrene butaadiene rubber etc. synthetic rubber foaming agent.