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Once reserved for eggplant Parmesan, eggplant is a key ingredient in Italian, Indian, Middle Eastern and Asian dishes. Italian eggplant resembles the common purple eggplant, except it is much smaller. Its skin is thinner and its flesh more delicate. ....
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Papayas range from 1 to 20 pounds. Six inches long and about 1-1/2 pounds in weight, the Solo is pear-shaped with a vivid golden skin. The flesh, also golden, is juicy and smooth, with an exotic sweet-tart flavor. The center cavity is packed with gel....
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Thai chilies will knock your socks off. One Thai chili packs the heat of three serrano chilies. Thin and elongated, some varieties are an inch-and-a-half long, and other varieties are four inches long. Thai chilies are green and when fully ripe, red.....
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Can supply fresh avocados on year round basis from the Dominican Republic.

The cucumber is a long, cylindrical, green-skinned member of the gourd family. Inside, crisp white flesh surrounds the seeded core. Cucumbers are usually eaten raw. Cucumbers are available year-round.
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Chinese Long Beans
Chinese long beans are pencil-thin and can grow to 3 feet in length, although they are usually harvested at 18 inches. Chinese long beans, or yard-long beans, are a member of the same plant family as the black-eyed pea. Chinese long beans are crunchy....
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Coconuts are hard work, but the sweet flesh is well worth the effort. A coconut is multi-layered. A smooth, thick, hard tan shell is removed before exporting. The next layer is the hairy, brown husk, followed by a tough brown membrane and finally the....
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Jamaican Hot Pepper
We can supply you fresh Jamaican hot pepper (Red and Yellow) . If you are interesting you can contact me.
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Breadnut / Breadfruit
We are able to supply Breadnut and Breadfruit. . pack in bags or box of 35 and 40 pounds.