Sell PA-15 120Db Personal Buzzer

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Innovative Superior Technology Inc. , would like to present PA-15 120Db Personal Buzzer, which is designed to help in distressing, panic situations. An excellent warning to potential attackers whilst also drawing attention to your need for help in any situation. Increase your personal Safety Anytime, Anywhere! with our PA-15 personal Buzzer. A small and compact black color personal buzzer that triggers powerful ear-piercing 120Db.
The buzzer's hole is specially design to produce ear-piercing sound level. The cord can be easily pulled out when needed in emergency and panic situation. It has clip at the end for your conviniency to be clipped on your waist or belt.
This model has the following features:
l Power ear-piercing 120DB siren that attracts attention and is activated by pulling the rip cord
l Uses key ring to fix the alarm on handbag or purse or belt clip at the back
l Alarm sounds for up to one hour or until pin is replaced in its socket.
l Suitable for people who is always on the street or use it at home, for protecting women, children, elderly, night workers, students, nurses, travelers, joggers, etc.

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