Sell PA-500 Ventilator

PA-500 Ventilator
Tidal Volume Adjustment : 50~1400ml
Ventilation Capacity
per Minute : >=18L
Oxygen Concentration : <45%
Ventilator Conformance : <=30mL/kpa
Respiratory Rate : 6~60/m
I/E Ratio : 1:1.5, 1:2.0, 1:2.5, 1:3.0
Maximum Safe Pressure : <=6.0kPa
( Ptr) Range : -0.4~1.0kPa
Transfer Time from
Controlled to Assistant
Respiration : 6s
Air Flow Adjustment : 1~12times /m
Positive Pressure Adjusting
Range at the end of
Ventilation : 0.1~1.0kPa
Sigh Volume : 150% of humidity volume
Oxygen Consumption : <=1.5Mpa change in pressure after 1-hour
operation of oxygen cylinder of
Packing Details: 660mmW500mmW1240mm
N. W.35kgs G. W.55kgs