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English name :poly aluminium chloride(PAC for short) Roller Dried Process

Molechlar formula: [AL2(OH) nCL6-n]m

Technical standard:GB15892-2003


Compared with other coagulants/flocculants, this product shows the flowing features compared with other coagulants:

Wide application, and adaptable to most kinds of water.

Easy to quickly shape big alum fume, and showing good setting behavior.

Adaptable to wide PH value (5-9) , and the PH value and alkalinity decrease little after treatment.

Good precipitating is kept even at low temperature.

Alkalization degree is higher than other aluminium and iron salts, and have little erosion effect to equipments.


In order to get optimum flocculation effect and lowest cost, you can determine the optimum input through tests according to different raw water turbidity, change of seasons, and the shapes of pond. Liquid products should be mixed to be 5-10% aqueous solution, and solid products should be mixed to be 3-5%aqueous solution. The higher turbidity of the raw water, the thinner solution is mixed. Thus, you can improve the product input get better flocculation effect.
Supply Capacity
100,000 Mt per year
Minimum Order Quantity