Sell PAI YOU GUO Slim Capsule (30pack/box)

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PAI YOU GUO Slim Capsule -The Best Choice for Slimming Figure!

No Side effect, No Regain, No diarrhea!

MOQ: 1 box

unit price:$3.5

30 capsules in a box

This article is to choose to use the evil powderof low gather the sugar, malt, the chitin, meal fiber, apple withdraws the thing, the vitamin C, vitamin E, the vitamin B2 is araw material,
Main raw material: Evil powders of low gather the sugar malt, chitin meal apple fiber vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B2.
[FEAT CROWD]the simplicity fat and puberty obese and postnatal periodsobese. Suit to be so called the water pail waist specially, will the obese of the soldier belly, the elephant leg. . . etc. .
[Rules Space]400mg/wrap the30 pack
[Edible method] everyday once, every time 1, in morning UseJust the right amount of with blunt boeled water or bubble is in the gruel toghert take all
Attention:in order to have no color or the powder from of the thin yellow, this article the flavor is sweetto take the bitterness slightly

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