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PREMIUM QUALITY PALM JAGGERY. PRODUCE OF KERALA (GODS OWN COUNTRY) . palm Jaggery is a 100% natural non-sugar sweetner extracted from Coconut palm. This sweetner is ideal for Diabetic patients due to its non-sugar quality. 100% vegeratian. palm jaggery is presently exported to the Europe, USA, japan & Middle East. Nutritional and Therapeutic Value of Palm Gur
The Nutrition Research Laboratories, Indian Council of Medical Research,
Coonoor (Madras State) has analyzed a sample of Palmyra jaggery. The results are given
below :
Nutritive value of Palm Jaggery (Nutrients in 100 gms of Jaggery)
1. Thiamine (Vit-B) 21 mgm
2. Riboflavin (Vit-B) 432 mgm
3. Nicotinic Acid (Antipallagara Vitamin) 5.24 mgm
4. Ascorbic Acid (Vit-C) 11 mgm