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Thank you for your interest in our Canadian PanelForm Building System. The Canadian PANELFORM Building System can be used in construction projects of virtually every type around the world, including the following:

. Commercial Office Building . Hotel
. Custom Design Home . Factory
. Nursing Home . Education Institution
. Fire Stations . Correctional Facility
. Low Cost Housing Project . Sound Barrier Wall
. Fire/Privacy/Partition Wall . Condominium Development
. Agricultural Buildings (Chicken Barns, Pig Barns)

The material used in the core of Canadian PANELFORM system contains no ozone damaging Chloroflourocarbons (CFC) either in the manufacturing process or the end product. It is easily recycled and may be safely incinerated.

The Canadian PANELFORM building system can be built effectively in the Arctic, temperate and tropical zone of the world. The double shell insulated wall is a smart building system that cushions a building fiom the rapid rise and falls in temperature and allows us to be warm when we want to be warm and cool when we want to be cool. The need for additional heating and cooling are greatly reduced since over 95% of the insulation value is maintained.

The monolithic Canadian PANELFORM building has the structural integrity to withstand: typhoon, hurricane, monsoon rain, earthquake, and termite infestation.

The Canadian PANELFORM wall does not need exterior veneers or aluminium sidings to give it a finished look. The exterior and interior wall can be finished with a wide range of paint and textured finishes applied directly to the concrete to evoke any customised look of permanence and timeless elegance.

Structural Advantages

. Fire Resistant . Termite and Rodent Resistant
. Hurricane and Typhoon Resistant . Earthquake Resistant
. Energy Efficient. No Dry-rot, No Mustiness . No mold
. Effective Sound Barrier . Skilled Labour Is Not Necessary
. Safe and Structurally Sound . Virtually No Maintenance
. Environmentally Friendly . Substantially Shortened Construction Time Saves Money

We are interested in building factories in foreign countries that will provide the following:

1, Provide volume of 15000 homes (in the thousands) to your client country and neighbouring countries.
2, Factory can provide panels for any type building structure i. e hotels, barns, condos, restaurants, a whole developments.
3, Clients must be financially able to fund the above.
4, The factory is 8000 sq. feet We do not finance, we provide machinery and training necessary for factory setup.
Once the finances are in place it will take four months to get factory setup and running.

We are looking for Developers, Builders, Government Housing Agencies, import/export agencies, Architects/Engineers and Investors in FACTORIES and LICENSING of our exciting Canadian PANELFORM Technology.