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Polyamino Polyether Methylene Phosphonae (PAPEMP)

Molecular weight: about 600

Properties and usage:
This product is a new generation of water treatment agent, it has high efficient of chelation and dispersion effects, high value of calcium tolerance, and excellent antiscale dispersion effects. It can be used as antiscale corrosion inhibitor in circulating cool water system, especially suitable to circulating cool water system and oilfield refill water system in situations of high hardness, high alkali and high pH value. It has excellent antiscale property to calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and calcium phosphate. In addition, it can efficiently inhibit the formation of silica scale, and stabilize such metal ions as Zn, Mn and Fe.

Appearance Yellow to umber transparent liquid
Solid content % 45.0 min
Active component (PAPEMP) % 40.0 min
Phosphorous acid (as PO43-) % 1.0 max
Density (200) g/cm3 1.2010.05
pH (1% solution) 2.010.5