PAPER CUT MACHINE-EUTECH-92CD/115CD/137CD You May Also Be Interested In: cd series
Adapting the Panasonic PLC, the characteristic of control system is very reliable, and the capacity is very large. It can store 300,000 hours date and the remote monitor is also available.
The feeding unit is driven by AC servo motor with low noisy, high speed and induction, and step less speed adjusting system. Paper feeding speed is 6-18meters/min and the accuracy of paper location is 10.001mm.
Sensor grating abides by CE standard and it is much longer than usual grating to improve the safety guarantee.
Low pressure control section adopts OMRON, LG, TOSHIBA, SCHNEIDER, BDI to make the control stably and efficiently.
Hydraulic pressure section adapt the high speed pressure-up system to make the pressure adjusting available.
CD series adopt 10.4" display screen, which can be matched and designed novelty. The brightness can reach to 25,600 and the programming capacity is 10,000 groups, so that it can ensure the performance reliable.