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Annam's Dals are available in 100g, 200g, 500g, 1kg and bulk packings.

Special features of Annam's Dals Processed using latest manufacturing techniques & technology.
Quality Control is ensured at every stage of processing.
Regular batch testing in part of the QC test.
Low-moisture content is an assurance for freshness and shelf-life of the product.
Boils faster, hence precious fuel is saved.
On cooking, 170gms of Annam's Tur Dal yields an equivalent of 200gms of other dals.
Graded "Special" (SP) by Agmark - the highest grading for food products.
The range of Dal (Pulses) :
Urid Dal Mung Dal Tur Dal Channa Dal
Black Urid (with skin) Green Mung (withskin) Tur Dal (washed) Channa Dal (washed)
Urid Chilka (with skin) Green Mung Chilka
(with skin) Urid Dal Gota(washed) Mung Dal
(washed) Urid Dal(washed) Urid Flour
Pappadam; Poppadum
(PAH-pah-duhm) a wafer thin of Indian origin made with lentil flour. This Indian Pappadams can be unseasoned (as preferred in southern India) or variously flavoured with red or black pepper, garlic or other seasonings, as in northern India.
Pappadams can be cooked in many ways, depending on personal choice: you could cook them under grill, roast over a flame, deep-fry or by Microwave. Pappadams can be cooked in advance and they taste good warm or cold. However don't make them more than an hour before the meal because they will wilt and go leathery.
Fried pappadams are definitely tastier. Heat oil in a large kadhai or wok. When nearly smoking, reduce the heat and drop in pappadam. It will instantly change colour. The whole process takes seconds, so have slotted spoon and paper-towel lined plate ready. Do not allow pappadam to turn brown or black. Drain the pappadam well and remove to a plate.
Place Pappadam under a medium grill until bubbles appear on the surface and the colour turns from translucent to opaque. Turn over and repeat the process. Place at least 1= inch away from the grill to prevent burning.
The pappadam is held between tongs or chimta and roasted over an open flame. Quick and frequent turning is required to prevent burning. As soon as pappadam has changed colour, curled up and become crisp, it is done.
Place pappadam in the microwave. (650 watt oven) Lightly brush edible oil on both sides of the pappadam and place it in the microwave. Cook on full power for 45 secs or until expanded.
South Indian Pappadam
In southern India it is better known as pappadam and appalam. Its ingredients are lentil flour, edible oil, salt, rice flour, spices, calcium carbonate or sodium bicarbonate.

Varieties of Pappadam
Jeera (Cumin)
Red Chilly
Green Chilly
Shapes and Sizes
Circular Shape
Ring Shape
Lengthy Shape
Coin Shape
Taylor made depending upon the buyers market from 2 inches to 6 inches.
North Indian Pappad
In northern India it is better known as pappad. Its ingredients are lentil flour, asafetida, salt, pappad khar, edible oil and other spices.
Varieties of Pappad
Jeera (Cumin)
Red Chilly
Punjabi Masala
Urad and mung flour mixed pappads.
Moong Flour Pappad
Rajasthani Special
Marwari Special
Shapes and Sizes
It is circular shape with 2 sizes. 5 = inches and 7 = inches.