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Our flagship PAR30 LED SSL replacement lamp is a true representation of what the future of LED lighting holds. Its unique thermal design with two international patents allows for the best heat dissipation possible in a direct retrofit PAR 30 foot print. Its high efficiency LED replaces up to 75W Incandescent or 50-60W Halogen lamp. Using only 15W or less of power it is able to illuminate up to a distance of more than 10 meters.

* Designed as a direct retrofit to most PAR30 lighting fixtures
* 13W power consumptions
* Long life. 50,000 hours rated life to 70% of initial light output
* High CRI-82
* PF>0.9 with 75% efficiency
* Edison Base
* Available in dimmable and non-dimmable. With most of the magnetic Solid State Dimmer(By Lutron or Leviton) , dimming down to 10%
* Available in warm white and daylight white
* High lumen output. Warm white:483/Daylight white:525
* Available full beam angle 15/25/40/60/80
* No UV or IR emission
* UL, CE and RoHS compliant