PATSONS INTEGRATION SUSPENDED CEILING You May Also Be Interested In: anodized aluminium electromagnetic wave shield suspended ceiling temperature indicator water fast
S-600D-9 (silver)
Ventilation+Illumination+Temperature Indicator+Air Heater+Blowing

Japanese imported film faced plywood/ South Korea LG film faced

Pleasant colors, high third dimension, elegance
Anticorrosion, no dust suction, no rust, no changing of colors
Easy to install and clean, antistatic, sound-absorbing, sound insulation, anti-friction
Light and water-fast, safe and environmentally friendly

Germany ANOMETAL anodized aluminium

High reflectivity, lightproof well
Good weather resistance, anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-jamming, electromagnetic wave shield
It can stand the character of scratch, the exterior hardness can compare with sapphire, nice and durable
The exterior oxide layer never drop off, no fingerprint left after touching it
High insulation, no electric conduction