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 Internal call functions
Internal phone calls between extension to extension can be free dialing conveniently
 Incoming call functions
You can receive any incoming calls by picking up the extension telephone set
 Call pick-up
An incoming call to an extension may be picked up from another extension. To pick up an
incoming call of another extension go off hook and dial * 9 and talk to the calling party
 Outgoing call
For outgoing call, you just pick up telephone set and dialing your target number directly
 Call transfer function
An established call can be transferred to another internal extension. There are two types of call
transfer, (1) Blind transfer (2) Consultation and transfer
 Call forwarding function
There are two types of call forwarding: Internal and External, for either type, call forwarding is
 Hot line function
Hotline is a feature that allows an extension ( programmed for hot line ) to automatically dial another extension or an external party, immediately the handset goes off hook. There are many applications for this feature. Connecting a Fax machine, EFTPOS machine, Door phone to extension ports or making a baby call are examples of hot line.
 With powerful routing function
The system can be connected with the networks GSM/CDMA/PSTN/VOIP, and you can set the any telephone No. in the terminal and with least charging routing function
 With 4 exchange line and 4 extension ports
The system can connect 1-4 analogue (SLT) phones to Tel ports and 1-4 exchange lines or other devices such as analogue telephone adaptors (ATAs ) or Fixed Wireless Terminals (FWTs ) to the Line ports.
 With a mixture of Mini PBX & a Router
It combines one Mini PABX and a telephone Router into one system