Sell PC & IP Camera

PC & IP Camera
1) USB 1.1 interface
2) 480K pixels: dynamic image: , with VGA(640*480) format, frame rate up to 30 fps/second, 100 K pixel: with CIF (320X 240) format, frame rate up to 30 fps/second
3) video data format: 8/16/ 24 BIT, CCIR 601; CCIR656
4) The shell of raw material conform to international environmental protection standard
to ensure your health
5) Image processing: auot-exposure control; auto-gain control; auto-white balance; Gamma update
6) Video chat by internet; can be with built in microphone with good voice quality
7) Can take photos with software vp-eye, you can keept you photo in computer and
edit it freely
8) With the lamp, you can get legible images in total dark and the effective distance
can be changed as your request