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Type: ZT100X MPEG8 plrice:EUR431

ZT200X MPEG16 price:EUR509

Video compression: simultaneous compression, recording and browsing. Small wave compression method. Video and audio compression done on the slab. Compatible with Line 16-line video and 1-line audio signals simultanenously received.

Audio receiving: 1-line audio corresponding to any 1-line vedio. Video and audio are in pace.

Circulatory recording: automatic cycle recording with multiple harddiscs. If the user prohibits or disassembles a certain physical floppy Disk, the system will never tear down but only ignore the data on the floppy disk.

Recording effects adjustment: With the recording effects pre-set, the recordings range from 30M/H to 220M/H according to the complexity of the signals. Under the stable circumstance of monitoring, the range of the recording is 80M/H. The recording and browsing effects can be adjusted.

Return play: Retrieve recording files, guard files, browsing pictures. Compatible with all kinds of needs in return play: fast/slow/zoom out/zoom in/speed/picking/multiple picking. The recording files have 128 coded electronics watermark function

Giving an alarm: give an alarm and record: either by exterior monitoring signals or by picture-moving

Seting the alarm area: moving monitor is able to deal with several pictures. The more alarm areas, the more resources the system cost.

Controlling the sensitivity of alarm: compatible with adjustment of the sensitivity

Alarm map anchoring indicator: compatible with the electronics map indicating the alarm area

Recording before alarm: begin to record 1-120seconds before alarm

Pre-set recording: compatible with the pre-set working time when on one is on duty with the precision of second or one second error.

Pan control: compatible with short and long-distance control of the pan, including lenz, adjust ring, focal length, zooming, automation, etc. from 8 angles

qualifications of shipment

weight 22kg (standard)

humidity 15%-80%

size 482(W) W177(H) W577(D) mm

power AC-220V-230V