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The ExtremTrac turnkey tracking software EX300 is a friendly design for an easy and economical establishment of a complete GPS tracking center based on user's PC, no need monthly subsciption fee. The software can track unlimited vehicles, recommended for a fleet of 50 -200 vehicles/personnel. It works with ExtremTrac vehicle trackers, personal trackers, tracking vehicle and personnel simultanuously in real time, or off time. it realized the idea of plug-and-play, DIY tracking solution, using the maps that ExtremTrac supplied or guided.
Solution: For this solution a GSM modem is required, the GSM modem collect the GPS report data from ET700/ET3500, etc trackers, and transmit to PC mapping software EX300. The software uses the RS232 serial port to communicate data via SMS, ( or by RS232-USB adaptor cable if uses the laptop ) . In this solution, users no need the expensive server platform, no month fee occured. The EX300 support Online Google map, MS MapPoint, Google Earth, Google Earth Plus, Trackmaker, etc. It allows the real time tracking of unlimited vehicles at the same time, showing onscreen the location, speed, speeding, time, direction, vehicle ID, history route, alarm report, moving lock, SOS emergency rescue report, different maps switching, also allow the onscreen control by control buttons, like cut oil, shut down engine


- GPS/GPRS/GSM Trackers: ET700/GP3000/ET3500, etc
- GSM Modem: MD200

- Tracking Software: EX300

- Maps: Online Google map, MS MapPoint, Google Earth, Google Earth Plus


EX300 works with ExtremTrac GPS/GPRS/GSM vehicle tracker and GPS/GPRS/GSM personal tracker, this software support online Google map, beside many other maps, it also has geofence built and can be configure in the software. It has added a number of new features to the software, including more vehicle control options and an alarm alert interface with a pop-up notification for car owners. Users can also now switch maps with the press of a single button.

This software is particularly useful in countries beyond the United States and Europe where detailed street-level maps might not be readily available, Like Brazil, Malaysia, Indonisia, India, Thailand, Philippine, Japan, Kenya, Puerto Rico, Haiti, important areas of Australia, chile, Ecuador, Colombia, venezuela, Trinidad Tobago, Costa Rica Nicaragua, Hunduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, important areas of Canada, Russia, Turkey, important areas of Iran and Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, important areas of Egypt, important areas of Morocco, important areas of South Africa, etc
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