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Key Features:

Hardware supported H.264 compression; highest video quality using the hard disk space; automatically adapt to low and high speed network access.
Support both analog cameras and IP camera hybrid connection (include Mega Pixel camera, NetDVR, IP server) .
Integrate with POS/ATM machine transaction; text data overlay recording.
Integrate with access control.
Support digital watermark; prevent the recorded video from editing by binary program
Realtime full-motion video display and recording; up to 64-channel video input (either DVR card or IP camera) at 30 frames/sec per channel .
Synchronous audio monitor and record (optional) ; embedded VoIP function.
Motion detect (whole area or max. 12 detection zones per channel) ; support private mask.
Continuous record and event record (motion detection or external sensor) .
Data analytics including motion event search, sensor trigger alarm search, object search (smart search) , POS search and ACU search.
Network access via LAN, Ethernet, PSTN, ISDN, ADSL.
inds of alarm notification including SMS text message, email, E-map etc.
Pre-alarm and post-alarm recording.
Remotely control and manage relay out (D/O) .
Convenient PTZ control on screen and keyboard.
Support PC Decorder digital matrix and matrix TV-wall.
Support system and alarm logging.

Standards and Certifications:

ITU-T : H.264
Q/LLT 01-2002 : ILDVR Digital Video Recorder
CNACL : China National Accreditation Committee for Laboratories
FCC : Class B


Popular Models:
ILDVR 3016H4F/C+ : 16 cameras input + 16 audio input
ILDVR 3024H4F/C+ : 24 cameras input + 24 audio input
ILDVR 3032H4F/C+ : 32 cameras input + 32 audio input
ILDVR 3048H4F/C+ : 48 cameras input + 48 audio input
ILDVR 3064H4F/C+ : 64 cameras input + 64 audio input

System :
Operating System : Windows OS all platform (32 bit and 64 bit)
Video Input : 64 IP and/or analog camera (up to 64 channels)
Video Output : VGA/DVI/HDMI (up to 1920*1080 pixel) , 4 screens output,
Matrix TV-out (optional)
Video Format : NTSC/PAL
Audio Input : 64 BNC/composite connectors OggVorbis standard
Audio Output : 1 standard sound card Line out
MIC Input : 1 standard sound card MIC in
Compression : H.264 (Hardware Support)
User Interface : Friendly graphic user interface operated by mouse
Security : Multiple users accounts protection
System logs : System operation logging and Alarm History Logging
Watchdog : Software watchdog
Integration : POS, ATM, ACU
Data Analytics : Car license plate recognition; smart search and etc.

Monitoring Mode:

Frame Rate : 30 fps for each channel in NTSC, 25 fps for each channel in PAL
Split Style : 1/4/9/13/16/20/25/28/33/36/40/49/64, full screen size available
Remaining HDD Storage Display : Yes
Video Loss Detection Yes

Recording Mode:

Resolution : PAL: 352x288, 704x576
NTSC: 352x240, 704x480
Recording Speed : 30 fps for each channel in NTSC, 25fps for each channel in PAL speed change is also available
Event Recording : 1~60 seconds pre-alarm/post-alarm recording (motion detect and sensor trigger)
HDD Storage : 10 drive bays (optional hot-plug support)
Pre-Schedule Recording : Yes. Use ILDVR Software to customize the schedule.
OSD & Date Water-mask : Yes

Network Features :
Network Access : LAN/ WAN/ Internet, by Ethernet, Modem, ISDN, xDSL
Cellphone Access : Yes
Dual-Stream : Yes
Remote Access : Monitor/playback/manage, PTZ Control
Remote Recording : Yes
Remote Talking : Yes
Remote Alarm : Yes

Alarm Function and Misc :
Alarm Input : Up to 32
Alarm Output : Up to 32
IO & Camera Relations : 1 to 1, 1 to multiple, multiple to 1, multiple to multiple
Alarm to Network : Yes
Digital Map : Pop up defense map upon alarm
Backup Solution : HDD, DVR/CD RW, USB
PTZ Control : Support many kinds of protocols
Snapshots : Support taking snapshots in both monitor mode and playback mode
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