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Functions: 12 leads simultaneous ECG, Vector-cardiograph (VCG) , Timed Vector-cardiograph (TVCG) , Heart Rate Variability (HRV) , Signal Averaged Electrocardiography (SAECG/VLP) , QT Dispersion (QTD) and High Frequency ECG (HFECG)

1) High accuracy of auto interpretation.

2) Unique children ECG auto analysis according different age and weight.

3) Customer defined ECG, user can sample V7, V8, V9 and 3R, V4R, V5R.

4) High quality QRS complex. QRS amplitude is not affected by filter.

5) High quality ECG cable, clips and suckers. The electrode is plating Ag/AgCl and the electric conductivity is better than plating Ni.

6) Electromagnetic isolation and 4000V isolation ensure patient safety.

7) Support both Wilson lead system and Frank lead system

8) Electron ruler function.

9) Multi type report output.

10) Auto adjustment of lead space, different lead will not be overlapped.

11) Can save more than 800 thousands cases depending on hard disk memory.

12) Multi combination search conditions.

13)2 years warranty period. Minimum charges for services after warranty period

Specifications of wired ECG acquisition box
1) Sample rate: >=500Hz;
2) Sample resolution: 12bit;
3) Voltage: DC 5.0V (+5%, -10%)
4) Lead: 12-lead standard ECG;
5) Leads display mode: Simultaneous 12-Lead
6) Input circuit current: <=0.15A;
7) Input impedance: >=5 M(Ohms) ;
8) Standard sensitivity: 10mm/mV 15%;
9) CMRR: >=80 dB;
10) Anti-polarization voltage: if add 1300mV DC polarization voltage, the change of sensitivity is not more than 15%;
11) Frequency response: 1 -75 Hz (+0.4 dB, -3.0 dB) , as the benchmark is 10Hz;
12) Lower frequency feature: time constant is not less than 3.2s;
13) 50Hz filter: >=20dB;
14) Noise electric level: <=155Vp-p;
15) Min test signal: 10Hz, 20uV sine signal;
16) Interference between leads: in the situation of multi-leads display and printing, the waves deflection aroused by interference between leads should less than 0.5mm;
17) Equipment safety type: the wired ECG acquisition box is class II, type-BF;
18) Working environment: Temperature: 5 - 300, Relative humidity: <=80%, Atmospheric pressure: 860 - 1060hPa;
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