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SAMING PCGuard (for Linux) is the first powerful product adopts unique patent technique to support Linux with reboot-to-recover mode, which is an intelligent security protection product as the form of PCI adapter for computer data ever developed. SAMING PCGuard (for Linux) provides the complete protect functions of dynamic save and instant recovery for the data in hard disk and CMOS at the same time. For all kinds of computer virus, hackers or intended destructs to the data in hard disk, SAMING PCGuard (for Linux) can recover your data without demolishment in a few seconds, and it won't occupy any usable space of hard disk or influence your system.
SAMING PCGuard (for Linux) bases on BOIS and OS layer to realize the dynamic protection of hard disk data in Linux. It saves and recovers the system and data quickly, for instance, only 2-8 seconds to recover 40GB data.

SAMING PCGuard (for Linux) provides a network management utility for administrators to make the maintenance of a network environment easier. Powerful centralized management functions include net copy, recovering, saving, restarting, logging off, shutting down, transmitting files, sending messages and so on. With its help, administrators can easily manage each client that has installed SAMING PCGuard (for Linux) in LAN.

It is an ideal product for local area network environment in enterprises, departments and academies for its outstanding convenient maintenance and data protection.


1 Adopts intelligent double-kernel structure, quickly protects and recovers hard disk data and CMOS parameter.

2 Supports Linux as well as Windows series operating system and DMA 133/100/66, FAT16/FAT32/NTFS, also multi-OS and large capacity hard disk.

3 Recovers data immediately even if you formatted hard disk or rebuilt partitions, protecting your data all the time.

4 Protection and recovery speed is speedy beyond your imagination, just a simple reboot all data will be recovered; you don't need to spent valuable time to reinstall operating system with its protection.

5 The unique hard disk inspect technique bases on Linux OS kernel layer, captures every hard disk operation, safe and reliable.

6 The unique technique bases on BIOS layer ensures it works well to recover data immediately even if Linux or Windows crashed.

7 Well performance and high speed, only 2-8 seconds to recover 40GB data.

8 Anti-virus actively by recover to the normal state once infects.

9 Administrator can setup recovery setting and save or recover data in LAN environment; also manage by scheme and control the client that has installed PCGuard (for Linux) logging off, shutting down and so on in long-distance.

10 Easy and lively interface, intelligent background process program; also has manifold language editions to support different languages (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese etc. )
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