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With a glittering and translucent surface, the color of our pc sheet is transparent, gem blue, verdure, green, brown, ivory, and the color is symmetrical. Otherwise, our pc sheet is steady and will not metamorphose after cold-bent or hot-bent. So it can be used for a long time.
The Application Ranges of PC Sheet
Buildings:1. lighting roofs of office building , shopping mails, hotels, villas, schools, hospitals, sports stadiums.
2. Skylights in green houses and indoor swimming pools.
3. Sound-insulating walls in thruways, railways, and fly-over crossings in cities.
Rob-roof: lighting materials of rob-proof counters in banks, displays of valuable exhibits and jewelers shops.
Advertising: the boards of light boxes, advertising display boards.
Processing: hot-formed products, such as lighting shields and lamp shades.
Explosion-resistance: police shields and windows of money-delivery vehicles.
Comprehension use: explosion-resistance operations in factories observance windows of explosion-resistance, the surface boards of automatic sales machines, headgears of motorcycles, all kinds of protective masks, etc.