Sell PC power supply (M serial AD-M700AE-XX&AD-M800AE-XX)

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Below is the description for PC power supply AD-M700AE-XX&AD-M800AE-XX products:

Full range design, suitable for input voltage of 110V to 230V;
The power supply inverter can achieve 80-85% efficiency particularly at 25-100% load, the best energy saving and environmental level among products of the same grade in the industry;
Operating frequency varies with different loads, achieving highest efficiencies in energy savings;
Built-in active PFC, power utilization rate up to 99% or higher;
Overshort-Undershort +2% / -2% (Voltage varies at +2% / -2% during instant start at empty load or full load) ;
Dynamic +3% / -3% (Dynamic testing +3% / -3%) ;
AC 115V input 5VSB/0A power consumption under 0.3W (Power consumption is less than 0.3W at 5VSB empty load during input of AC 115V, which complies with the "Energy start" specifiction) ;
Output Voltage Regulation +1% / -1% (Output voltage specification +1% / -1%) ;
Startable when an empty load is output;
Cross variation rate of +3V3, +5V and +12V is controlled at +3% / -3% or less;
Output of 4 individual sets +12V, output power is stable, 100% compliant with the Intel specification. Intelligent fan temperature control desigh, augmenting cooling effect and reducing noise;
Whole series of products use Japanese-made electrolytic capacitors. Gold-plated pins increase conductivity;
A. OVP(Over Voltage Protection)
B. OCP(Over Current Protection)
C. OPP(Over Power Protection)
D. OTP(Over Temperature Protection)
E. UVP(Under Voltage Protection)
F. Short Protection;
Cooling fan use conductive transfer design with special anodizing treatment, effectively increasing cooling effect;
13.5cm ultra-large long-life silent fan design.