Sell PC220.7 excavator

PC220.7 excavator You May Also Be Interested In: 6 cylinders heavy excavator hydraulic motors lubrication grease mechanical disc brake
Brief Desc: Heavy Excavator

1) Engine:
a) Model: 6BGTQB UK Cummins
b) Water-cooled
c) 4 cycles
d) Direct injection
e) Aspiration: turbo charged
f) 6 cylinders
g) 105mm bore
h) 125mm stroke
i) 6.49ltr piston displacement
2) Hydraulic: hydraumind
3) Main pump:
a) Type: variable displacement piston
b) Max. flow (ltr/min) : 2 x226
4) Hydraulic motors:
a) Travel: 2 x axial piston motor
b) Swing: 1 x axial piston motor
5) Relief valve setting:
a) Implement circuits (MPa) : 34.3
b) Travel circuit (MPa) : 34.3
c) Swing circuit (MPa) : 25.5
d) Pilot circuit (MPa) : 3.9
e) Flywheel (kW/rpm) : 117/ 2,150
f) Governor: RSV, mechanical
6) Hydraulic cylinders:
a) Boom (mm) : 2 }C130 x 1,285 x 90 (5.3" x 52.5" x 3.5")
b) Arm (mm) : 1 }C140 x 1,635 x 100 (5.5" x 64.4" x 3.9")
c) Bucket (mm) : 1}C130 x 1,020 x 90 (5.1" x 40.2" x 3.5")
7) Drives and brakes:
a) Steering control: two levers with pedals
b) Drive method: hydrostatic
c) Max. drawbar pull (kN) : 174
d) Max. travel speed (km/h) : 5.2
8) Swing system:
a) Drive method: hydrostatic
b) Swing reduction: planetary gear
c) Swing circle lubrication: grease bathed
d) Service brake: hydraulic lock
e) Holding brake / swing lock: mechanical disc brake
f) Swing speed (rmp) : 11.8
9) Undercarriage:
a) Center frame: X-frame
b) Track frame: box-section
c) Track seal: sealed track
d) Track adjuster: hydraulic
e) Shoes numbers: 47 each side
f) Carrier rollers numbers: 2 each side
10) Coolant and lubricant refilling capacity:
a) Fuel tank (ltr) : 340
b) Coolant (ltr) : 27
c) Engine (ltr) : 17
d) Final drive (ltr) : 5.4 each side
e) Swing drive (ltr) : 6.6
f) Hydraulic tank (ltr) : 246
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