Sell PCArmour recovery card is looking for sole distributors

PCArmour recovery card is looking for sole distributors You May Also Be Interested In: motherboards recovery card system integrator system recovery system recovery card
We are the biggest manufacturer of recovery card in China, now we are looking for distributor and buyers worldwide for our PCArmour system recovery card.
1. What is PCArmour recovery card?
It is a new technology of protect your computer from :
-System Crash
-Visrus Attack
-Fatal files deletion
-Important data lost
-CMOS changes
-Virus, trojans & worms

2. Who needPCarmour?
-Pc lab
-Production Line
-Cyber Cafe
-Home Users
-System Integrator

3. Why choose PCArmour?
compare to other system recovery card, PCArmour can:
-easy to use (all operation done in seconds)
-support up to 256G hard disk space
-userfriendly interface
-very reliable and stable
-compatible to most motherboards
-slove the problem of blue screen when running huge program(such as a 3D game)
-in the end, Because in the coming days, it will become the must hardware inside every computer!
Why still hesitate? Why not try the new technology, save your time and solve all the problems in just a blink!

What can you get after Join the distributor team of PCarmour Card?

1) Big amount of potential users:
2) Full technical support:
3) Free of Charge of some applications
4) Fast distribution tools:
5) Good quality:

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