Sell PCB Assembly and General Assembly(Box building)

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As Electronic Manufacturing Service is one of the three main industries in TOEC, EMS Department has 23 SMT production lines, dozens of through-hole insertion and assembly lines. Manufacturing area occupies 10000 sq. meters including a 4000 sq. meters Thousand Class Dust-Free workshop. EMS Department is staffed by 1500 professional engineers, technicians and qualified assembly workers.
With a total production capacity of 4 Billion SMT components per year, the TOEC is a leading player in China's electronics field, providing professional EMS for different fields including communication products, household appliances, office appliances and automotive electronics. The main users are Motorola, Samsung, Fujifilm, FujitsuTEN and Stanley.
The TOEC uses the following equipment:
Advanced SMT production lines with sophisticated Panasonnic and Hitachi
Reflow Soldering: ETC NIS2082C and HELLER 1809-MKIII
Micro BGA rework station
Complete range of advanced, full service equipment