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Detailed Selling Lead Description
Product Name: PCB Solar Panel
Model Number: GP
Place of Origin: China

1) Solar panel for charging solar light or DC saving light
2) It is waterproof, portable and unbreakable
3) Laminated solar panel with PC Board (2W to 20W)
4) PET+PCB+EVA+solar cell (+junction box)
5) Epoxy resin solar panel with PC board (0.02W to 2W)
6) Epoxy resin glue+solar cell+PCB

The Greenpower's products provides the industry's leading performance and value using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

Benefit in Terms of Performance
Greenpower choice the high efficiency solar cell in mass production to assure the quality.

High performance at high temperatures
Even at high temperatures,
the solar cell can maintain higher efficiency

Environmental Friendly Solar Cell
Clean Energy
Greenpower generate clean Energy.

Special Features
Greenpower modules are 100% emission free,
have no moving parts and produce no noise.
The dimensions of the Greenpower modules allow space-saving installation and achievement of maximum output power possible on given roof area.

Perfect Technics
Skilled Artificer, working at least 3 years in solar industry.
Have a good comprehension about solar products. Abound in innovation for new item.

Benefit in terms of Quality
High quality in accordance with ISO90001:2000 standards.
Greenpower modules are subject to strict inspections and measurements to ensure compliance with electrical, mechanical and visual criteria.
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