Sell PCBA(PCB Assemply) SMT OEM RoHS cooperation

PCBA(PCB Assemply) SMT OEM RoHS cooperation You May Also Be Interested In: circuit board assembly pcb layout pcba plastic tooling printed circuit board assemblies
PCB Assembly with Experienced Logistic Control, OEM and ODM Services, Suitable for Computer, Telecom and Surveillance Equipment.

*Experienced logistic control;
*Complicated boards and components available;
*In-circuit testing capability for PCBAs;
*Provides OEM services to all sorts of printed circuit board assemblies as well as electronic encased products;
*We provide real vertically integrated OEM service form procurement, plastic tooling, injection, PCB assembly, final casing assembly/testing, quality assurance to shipping in-circuit testing capability for PCBAs
PCBA/SMT/final assembly: vertical integrated manufacturing solution;
*Capable of developing effective production process to ensure high quality and consistency
Flexible production for customer's required volumes;
*Reliable circuit board available in soldering and casing assembly;
*Overall quality of assembled product is guaranteed by quality of components made
Profound knowledge of contract manufacturing services;
*Reliable contract assembly service provides optimal flexibility;
*Circuit boards 1 to 28 layers PCB layout, fabrication, PCB assembly;
*High-precision 0201 size components SMT technology and lead-free or lead;
*IC pre-program;
*High-precision Testing and repair;
*We quote the price for clients within 3-10 working days;

Mainly we offer OEM/ODMElectronic Card Assembly, Print circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) includingsourcing of components, welding, assembly and testing. We have our ownR&D department and modern SMT plant which could meet all ourclients requirements whether the order is sizable Or small Orprototype. In addition, the company has put network system in operationfor design assessment, material supply, manufacture and productdistribution. Quality approvals, prompt delivery, competitive price, good service is always our promise. When I have received your gerber, we are happy to give superior quality products at a competitive priceand offer Samples for your testing ASAP.
Supply Capacity
200,000 units per month