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*PCD (polycrystalline diamond)
The synthetic polycrystalline diamond features high wear resistance, high shock resistance, good thermal stability and homogenizing structure. It is widely utilized in making petroleum and geological drill bits and machining tools. SUKAN can make more than 80 kinds of polycrystalline diamond products with different specifications and shapes. such as: 8x1.5,8x1.25,4x10x120゜ , ect.

*PDC (Polycrystalline diamond compact)
The polycrystalline diamond compact is the compact of a polycrystalline diamond layer and a tungsten carbide substrate. The polycrystalline diamond layer possesses extremely high hardness and abrasion resistance, whereas the tungsten carbide substrate would greatly improve the toughness and weldability of the whole compact. It is usually utilized to make petroleum and geological drilling bits, as well as machine tools.
Our regular items include (cylinder shape and dome shape) : 0803, 0808,1303,1308,1313, ect.
other specifications upon request.

*TSP(thermal stable polycrystalline)
cylinder 6.5x3.3, cylinder 13x3, triangle 6.2 x 4.3, rectangle 3 x 3 x 10, cube 3 x 3 x 3, ect.
Also, we can provide other specifications upon request.