Sell PCD die blanks

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PCD wire drawing die blanks are polycrystalline diamond products produced under very high temperature and ultra-high pressure, diamond powder and a few metal catalysts (Cobalt) sintered together with diamond-to-diamond bonding. They have not only high wear resistance, hardness and thermal conductivity but also high mechanical strength and tenacity. Our diamond die blanks are a unique product to draw a wide range of wire such as copper, aluminum, nickel, stainless steel and etc.

We have two series of diamond wire drawing die blanks: Self- Supported Series and Tungsten Carbide Supported Series. They are available in 5 grades of grain size: 3 micron, 5 micron, 10 micron, 25 micron and 50 micron. Tungsten Carbide Supported die blanks have a polycrystalline diamond core integrally bonded to a tungsten carbide support ring. This feature makes it well for drawing with high intensity. Self-supported die blanks include two types: Hexagonal and Round. These blanks are suitable for all types of wire drawing applications especially where cost-cutting is required.

We supply self support and TC support PCD blanks include: D6, D12, D15, D18, D21, D24, D27and D30, D33.