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Phosphorus Pentachloride ( PCL5 )
[Molecular Formula] PCL5
[Molecular Weight] 208.24;
[Relative Density] 1.6, 4.65g/l(296 centigrade) ;
[Melting Point] 148 centigrade (Pressed) ;
[Boiling Point] 160 centigrade (Pressed) .
[Dissolution] Be dissolved in water, ethanol, carbon disulfide, carbon
tetrachloride and benzoychlorid.
[Applications] Be chlorinating agent and activator in the organic synthesis, and the material of manufacture, medicine, dye, chemistry, fiber. And the materials of manufacturing phosphorus oxychloride.
[Quality standard]
Phosphor Content: 14.5-14.9
Chlorine Content : 84.4-85.1
Phosphorus Trichloride (PCL3) , %0.05