Sell PCM-30 FXS FXO E&M PCM multiplexer

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1~30 (FXO/FXS/RS232/V35/ETH/G64K. . . ) over E1


PCM-30 Multiplexer provides 1 to 30 lines optional customer interfaces, which are diversified and easy for multi-service accession; It converts multi-voice interfaces (including telephone, 2/4 lines audio frequency, 2/4 lines EM, magnet) and data interfaces(including V.21, V.22, V.24, V.28, RS232, RS422, RS485, V.35 and Ethernet) into standard E1/2M signals for transmission.

a) It provides 30 lines of optional user interfaces of various types to facilitate the access of various services;
b) The voice interface supports caller ID display;
c) It can provide anti-pole signals;
d) It transmits signals through 2M circuit;
e) It is supplied with perfect function of status indication to facilitate maintenance and management;
f) With small size, attractive appearance, and easy for installation and operation

Technical Parameters:
E1 interface
---Rate: 2.048Mbit/s150ppm
---Impedance: 75(Ohms) BNC (unbalanced) ,120(Ohms) RJ45 (balanced)
---Interface standard: G.703 and G.704
POTS port
---FXS port: Ringing voltage 75V, Ringing frequency 25HZ, Impedance: 600(Ohms)
---FXO port: Ringing voltage 35V, Ringing frequency 17-60HZ, Impedance: 600(Ohms)
Power supply
--- -48VDC
Operating condition:
--- temperature-400 ~ +700Humidity95%
--- 42.8cm W 21.6cm W 4.8cm (can be mounted on 19 inch standard cabinet)
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
Model Number
PCM-30, FE1-30VO
Warranty Coverage