Sell PCM-300 FXS FXO POTS optical multiplexer

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8E1+2Eth+1~32(FXO/FXS/RS232/V35/E&M/G64K) Optical Multiplexer


PCM-300 uses fiber optical as transmission medium, providing the customer 2 lines 100Mb/s Ethernet data accession, 8 lines E1 (2Mb/s) transmission channel and 32 lines common interface(including FXO, FXS, 2 lines audio frequency, 4 lines audio frequency, 2 lines E&M, 4 lines E&M, RS422, RS485, magnet telephone, hot line, V.35, 64 Kbit/s co-directional data interface, and so on) , the customer can assemble the user interface from 1 to 32 lines freely. This device meets the customers needs for traditional narrowband service and popular broadband service .

a) Diversified interfaces for broadband and narrowband multi-service accession;
b) Provides2 lines 100Mb/s Ethernet interface, 8 lines E1 interface and 32 lines optional customer interface;
c) Voice interface supports caller ID function;
d) Perfect status showing function for convenient maintenance and management;
e) Small size, attractive appearance, easy to install and operate it.

Technical Parameters:
Optical Fiber Interface
--- Interface types: FC/SC, single/multiple mode, single/dual fiber optional
--- Transmission distance: 10/30/50 kilometers optional
--- Lightening power: >=-8dBm
--- Receive sensitivity: <=-36dBm
POTS port
---FXS port: Ringing voltage 75V, Ringing frequency 25HZ, Impedance: 600(Ohms)
---FXO port: Ringing voltage 35V, Ringing frequency 17-60HZ, Impedance: 600(Ohms)
Power supply
--- -48VDC
Operating condition:
--- temperature-400 ~ +700Humidity95%
--- 42.8cm W 21.6cm W 4.8cm (can be mounted on 19 inch standard cabinet)
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Supply Capacity
Model Number