Sell PCM-32 FXS FXO E&M POTS fiber mux

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1~30 (FXO/FXS/RS232/V35/RS485/E&M/G64K. . . ) over Fiber


PCM-32 Voice Optical Multiplexer provides 31 interfaces for multi-service accession; It combines voice interfaces, data interface and one line Ethernet of 100M sharing wire-speed into a standard fiber signal for transmission. The voice interface includes telephone, 2/4 lines audio frequency, 2/4 lines EM, magnet. The data interface includes V.21, V.22, V24, V28, RS232, RS422, RS485 and V35.

a) It provides 30 lines of optional user interfaces of various types to facilitate the access of various services;
b) The voice interface supports caller ID display;
c) It can provide anti-pole signals;
d) It transmits signals through fiber optical;
e) It is supplied with perfect function of status indication to facilitate maintenance and management;
f) With small size, attractive appearance, and easy for installation and operation

Technical Parameters:
Optical Fiber Interface
--- Interface types: FC/SC, single/multiple mode, single/dual fiber optional
--- Transmission distance: 10/30/50 kilometers optional
--- Lightening power: >=-8dBm
--- Receive sensitivity: <=-36dBm
POTS port
---FXS port: Ringing voltage 75V, Ringing frequency 25HZ, Impedance: 600(Ohms)
---FXO port: Ringing voltage 35V, Ringing frequency 17-60HZ, Impedance: 600(Ohms)
Power supply
--- -48VDC
Operating condition:
--- temperature-400 ~ +700Humidity95%
--- 42.8cm W 21.6cm W 4.8cm (can be mounted on 19 inch standard cabinet)
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
Model Number