Sell PCUT Large Format Printer LC3308

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Large Format Printer Model: LC3308
7 Fast speed: High speed PCI card, DSP controlling technology, continuously bi-direction printing.
7 High precise guideway, import synchronization steel belt, transmission gears, special three-phase stepping motor system.
7 Bright color: XAAR128 print head, vibrant color, full saturation without any strip.
7 Automatic ink supplying & flushing, media feeding, drying and heating system.

Large Format Printer LC3308 Features:
Stable alloy structure, excellent rigidity, steady operation.

High precise synchronization belt transmission device , accurate movement, long life.

Imported AC servo driver and servo motor, outstand parser , steady movement.

Long life XAAR-128 print head , clear and vivid image.

DSP controlling technology, high printing speed, 8 shower nozzles of 4 pass, 20m2/hour.

Whole circuit design effective, reliable, less malfunction, and easy to maintain.

Operation system stable, reliable, innovation drop-handle technology.

Easily handled printing software, with testing bar to check the print head's fault of nozzle block, ink leakage, and color lack.

Function of micro-spray on schedule prevent nozzle's jam.

Precise mechanic structure of carriage ensure image quality.

Unique print head arrangement ensure no any strip on image.

Large Format Printer LC3308 Parameters:
Model LC3308

Print head Piezo XAAR128

Printing method Bi-direction

Resolution 185dpi/370dpi

Quantity of Print head XAAR128W8

Media width 3300mm

Printing width 3200mm

Productivity 2pass : 30m2/h
4pass: 20m2/h

Ink type Solvent pigment ink

color CMYK

Ink supply method
Monitored by ink level sensor, pump ink continuously and automatically

Print head clean
Automatically adjustable micro-spray

Type the medium Media
Banner, Flex, PVC, Self-adhesive, Mesh fabric, Vinyl, et.

PCI card , special controlling DSP card

Platform WindowsNT,2000

Operation condition
Supply : single phase 220V-AC ( 1 5%) , Temperature: 180 -28 0 , Humidity: 40 % -60 %

Dimension (mm)
( width * height * length )
460mmW1250mmW 4100mm
Brand Name
Condition of Goods
Model Number