Sell PCUT Vinyl Cutter CTN1200

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Vinyl Cutter CTN1200 Features
1. The appearance design of the patent, streamlined fuselage, carry the putting type control panel, easy to operate, elegant appearance.
2. Adopting new microstep to subdivide algorithms, being in highly cutting quality while cutting at a high speed, the curve is smooth and more evasive.
3. Softwae has the capacity to adjust the cutting precision to solve and prolong the inconsistent problems of size differently when all kinds of materials of malleability are cut.
4. Improve shock attenuation and subdue the sound device , reduce the noise further, but the power of the motor is not reduced.
5. Advanced industrial aluminium alloy fuselage, the surface is not worn and torn to fade through special-purpose processing.
6. Pairs of layering pairs of knife location, besides layering originally, set up half hob one, can is it is it carry heat of adhesive tape is it print paper , clothing pattern , etc. to transfer to to have to cut. *
7. Leather card special purpose interface software, can accept AUTOCAD , CORELDRAW file that software output , can establish partial is it compensate with the corner compensating to close, needn't carve characters software can carve characters directly specially. *
8. Passing national security , performance and environment test in an all-round way, ISO9001 international quality certification system is made, performance is more reliable

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Vinyl Cutter CTN1200 Parameters:

Paper Feeding mode Floor stand

Controller 16 bit CPU, 1m cache ram

Control panel
Over-head, 2x8 L C D, 13-button thin-film keypad

Driver Stepping motor, micro-step driver

Maximum paper Feed width 1300mm

Maximum cutting width 1210mm

Maximum cutting speed 400mm/s

Maximum cutting length 20000mm

Maximum cutting thickness 1mm

Cutting press 0-600g(digital adjustment)

Mechanism precision 0.1

Repeatable precision <+-0.1mm

Blade type Drag Tungsten blade
Type of plot pen
Plotter pen with a diameter of 11.4mm diameter

Protocol Compatible HP/GL command

Interface USB

Power supply AC110/220v110% 50Hz

Power consumption <120VA

Operating environment
Temperature: +5-+35, relative humidity30%-70%

Dimension L x W x H 1500x260x1070mm

Gross weight 45kg

 All parameters above subject to change without prior notice.
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