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Our cutter is our most advanced PDC cutter at present. Developed in 2006 and has been made several important technical improvement.
1. Diamond thickness is increased to 2.0mm (S-RTC: 1.7mm) ,
2. The impact strength is higher than the old series.
3. Wear resistance is a bit higher than old series.
4. Heat resistance is improved to 750 centigrade degrees while previous S-RTC is 700.

The advantages of the new cutter is based on the improvement of the technology, which has completely updated in several factors:
New Technology:
1. The diamond powder is selected in a higher degree.
2. Use a new type of tungsten carbide that different from S-RTC cutters, which improved the strength character of bonding.
3. The claws of the interface are changed to be net-grooves-shaped which formed by 20 straight vertical grooves, and the depth of the grooves are shallower.
4. Improved the interior structure of the sintering cell that makes the pressure and temperature to be more uniform. It is very important for the PDC sintering.
5. Use new super heat-resistant metal, to avoid being contaminative during sintering.
6. Amended the sintering processing, and improved the bonding strength of the diamond-diamond key among the diamond layer.
7. Increase the content of diamond, and increase the thickness of diamond layer up to 2.0mm.

The result of plenty of tests and the performance in customers' practical drilling in the oil fields shown that the performance of "S-RNC" in heat resistance and impact resistance are improved evidently, and quite similar to the cutters made by the best world-class manufactures. In past year, S-RNC cutter is very widely used in China and other countries. It accepted by most customers and successfully substituted the old S-RTC cutter in the market.
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