Sell PDJ-3000 Patient Monitor

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Dimension & Weight

Dimension: 315mmW260mmW145mm
Weight: 4.0
Work condition
Power supply: AC 220V122V , 50HZ
Display: 12"color TFT display to show 4 ~ 9 waveforms
Resolution: 640W480 pixels
Tend observation: Tend chart of 1  72 hours
Alarm: upper and lower limit alarm, audible and visual
Net working: Can be connected to central monitor and long-distance monitor
Memory module: build-in thermal array recorders
Leadt: 5 leads:RA;LA;RL;LL;V
Lead Selection: I;II;III;avR;avL;avF;V;MCL1
Waveforms: 7 channels
Gain: W0.5, W1, W2, W4
Heart rate & alarm
Measuring range: Adult: 20~250 bpm
Neonate/pediatric: 20~250bpm
Accuracy: 12% or 2 bpm
Sensibility: >2005V (peak value)
Input impedance: >5M(Ohms)
Common mode rejection ratio: > 85dB
Current leakage: <305A
ECG signal range: 110mV (peak value)
Voltage range of electrode polarization: 1300mV
Bandwidth: Operation mode: 1~25Hz
Monitor mode: 0.5~35Hz
Diagnosis mode: 0.05~100Hz
ST segment monitor: yes, -1.0Mv ~ 1.0 mV
Work mode: diagnosis, monitor, and surgery
Measuring range: Adults: 1~99bpm
Neonate/pediatric: 1~99bpm
Measuring method: RA-LL Impedance
Accuracy: 12bpm or 110%
Differential input impedance: >2.5M(Ohms)
Resolution: 1bpm
Non-invasive blood pressure(NIBP)
Measuring method : automatic vibration
Work mode: automatic/manual
Pulse rate range: 0~255bpm
Unit: mmHg or kPa
Over pressure safety: Adult mode: 300mmHg
Pediatric mode: 180mmHg
Neonate mode: 120mmHg
Alarm range: SYST: 50~240mmHg
DIAS: 30~180mmHg
MEAN: 25~200mmHg
Measuring range: SYST: 50~240mmHg
DIAS: 30~180mmHg
MEAN: 25~200mmHg
Resolution: 1mmHg
Accuracy: Max mean error: 15mmHg or 15%
Measuring range: 0~100%
Accuracy: 80~100% 12%, 60~79% 13%, < 60% Ignore
Refresh time: 1s
Alarm range: Sustained adjustment of upper and lower limit between 1~100%
Alarm delayed time: 10s
Pulse Rate
Pulse rate range: 0~254bpm
Resolution: 1bpm
Accuracy: 11bpm or 12%
Alarm delayed time: 10s
Channel: two
Measuring range: 0~450
Unit: 0 or ℉
Resolution: 0.10
Accuracy: 10.20