Sell PDJ-4000 Mother/Fetal Monitor

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Fetal Heart Rate

Measuring Method: Doppler ultrasound
Measuring Range: 60 bpm~210 bpm
Accuracy: <=12 bpm
Work Mode: pulse wave
Alarm Range: upper limit 66 bpm~200 bpm
lower limit 65 bpm~199 bpm
Uterine Contraction Pressure
Measuring Method: outside measuring
Measuring Range: 0~100 unit
Accuracy: <=110%
Fetal Movement Sign
By manual button or automatic analysis
Measuring Range: 25 bpm~230 bpm
Accuracy: <=12 bpm
Lead Selection: full lead
Gain: W0.5, W1, W2, WAuto
Alarm Range: upper limit: 30 bpm~230 bpm
lower limit: 20 bpm~120 bpm
Measuring range: 0 %~100 %
Resolution: 1%
Accuracy: 12% (90%~99%)
14% (70%~89%)
16% (60%~69%)
Alarm Range: upper limit: 70%~100%
lower limit: 60%~98%
Pulse Rate
Measuring Range: 20 bpm~250 bpm
Alarm Range: upper limit: 22 bpm~250 bpm
lower limit: 20 bpm~248 bpm
Non-invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP)
Measuring Method: Automatic vibration
Work Mode: Automatic/manual
Measuring Interval under Automatic Mode: 0250min adjustable
Measuring Range: SYST: 50mmHg~240mmHg
MEAN: 26mmHg~200mmHg
DIAS: 22mmHg~180mmHg
Alarm Range: SYST upper limit 48mmHg~240mmHg
lower limit 46mmHg~238mmHg
MEAN: upper limit 26mmHg~200mmHg
lower limit 24mmHg~198mmHg
DIAS: upper limit 22mmHg~180mmHg
lower limit 20mmHg~178mmHg
Measuring Range: 34.00~43.00
Accuracy: 10.2 0
resolution: 10.10C
Alarm Range: upper limit: 360~430
lower limit: 340~360
Alarm: All alarm parameters can be set and sent out by audible and visual alarm, which also can be canceled
Other Technical Specifications
Power Supply: AC 220V110%, 50Hz 11Hz
Power Input: 80VA
Display: CRT Display
Work Conditions:
Temperature: 50~400
Relative Humidity: <=80%
Atmospheric Pressure: 86 kPa ~ 106 kPa
1. PDJ-4000 can monitor fetal heart rate, uterine contraction pressure, fetal movement, non-invasive blood pressure, SpO2, pulse rate, temperature at the same time.
2. It is mounted with modules, then, user can choose different modules to customize a monitor based on the required parameters.
3. With an external HP printer to print selected waveforms, which successfully avoids waste of paper that troubles other common fetal monitors.