Sell PE, PP Plastic Thick Plates (Sheets ) Extruded Prodution Line

PE, PP Plastic Thick Plates (Sheets ) Extruded Prodution Line You May Also Be Interested In: hdpe plastic plastic plates pp plastic
7PE, PP plastic thick plates extruded production line is a new product made by our company absorbing foreign and advanced technique and latest technology.

7The equipment is mainly used in the products of PE or PP thicker plastic plates(sheets) .

7Plates thickness:2-40mm

7Plates width:750-1800mm

7About all parts of the equipment is adopted known brand products. Our company had experiences and technologies made plastic plates(sheets) , so it has the easy operation, and the products made by us has characteristics of low cost. Clean outside, little error, antiseptic, insulation and othere merits.

7Whats more, if you make a better change for it, it can be made LDPE or HDPE plastic foaming plates(sheets) .