Sell PE(HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE) Blowing Film Production Line

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Use :

It applies to blow various LDPE, HDPE and LLDPE plastic films, widely applying to food, fruit, clothing, textile, vest type bag and etc. Packing of civil industrial products

Features :

LLDPE MULCH BLOWN FILM LINES are made to process 100% LLDPE, LLDPE & LDPE blend, which could produce agriculture mulch film. The lines are adopted the most advanced hot channel technology, extrusion forming mulch film special air ring and so on new technologies. The lines are reasonable in design, beautiful in appearance, compact in structure, saving in space and easy to maintain. Produced films are with the characters of good plasticizing, high physical and mechanical performance, and stronger resistance. Technologies for the line are advanced and forming a complete set is reasonable, so the lines are high in output, low in energy consumption, good in stability and reliability. They are the most ideal technical processing equipment to produce agriculture mulch film in new century.