Sell PE /PVC Cling film

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PE /PVC Cling film

1) Thickness: 0.05 - 0.15mm
2) Width: 1.5m, 1.24m, 1.03m.
3) Length: 200m, 300m.
4) Colors: transparent, blue, ivory-white, black, black-white
5) Adhesion: low stickiness, medium stickiness, high stickiness, and super high
6) Easy to peel, without residue after peeling-off
7) Applications:
a) Stainless steel plate: mirrored steel plate, frosted steel plate, and colored steel
b) Aluminum plate: aluminum plate, coarse-grain aluminum plate, aluminum profile,
frosted aluminum profile, sprayed aluminum profile, electrophoresis aluminum
profile, dull sprayed aluminum profile, coarse sand blasted aluminum profile
c) Building material: fine frosted plate, coarse-grain frosted plate, aluminum-plastic
plate, ceiling, frosted ceiling, artificial marble, plastic-steel profile,
ceramic tile, marble, glass plate, curtain wall, colorful graphic board, polyester,
furniture board, painted decorative board, coarse-grain polyester furniture
d) Electronic and electric device material: electronic screen, meter panel, automobile
meter, shell, air-conditioner's surface, various household appliances surfaces,
various household appliances surface protection, and titanium plate
e) Plastic sheet: acrylic (PMMA) sheet, PVC sheet, ABS sheet, and plastic sheet