Sell PE-3 News paper press using PS plate

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Strong alkaline-proof ability, Fine exposure&developing tolerance, Have goog plate life, High color contrast, Fine dot r

Equipments berief introduction
Our companys PS plate production line which is produced in Italy, is an art of reverse coating with reel brushgraining, and its length is about 90 mile. It is the first and also the only imported PS plate production line in AnHui province. We dont need to stop the machine to conects the new rolls. The procuction line has automatic system to adjust strain, it adpots the art of brushgraining to granulate the surface of aluminium plate, and reverse coating, heat drying, (double frequency ~)
The Reel PS plate production line that purchased from Italy stands 90 meters. It can produces negative and positive two types PS plates. The equipment uses a combination of mechanical and electrochemical processing technologies for surface roughness within a tension autopilot system. So it can gain a good grains distribution as same as Fuji PS plate. Reverse distribution and hot-oil heat drying technologies can fully meet the market requirements for all types of existing printers specifications.