Sell PE-RT Pipe Series

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PE-RT uses ethylene-octylene as comonomer's copolymer in polymerization reaction to make polytene molecule chain's sub-chain number and distribution suitably controlled, having excellent physical function.

1. For floor heating system of residential rooms, public building, bathroom and swimming pools
2. For using as the pipe of radiator and central heating in residential area
3. For hot and cold water supply and pipeline of drinking water system
4. For the pipeline of beverage alcohol and milk in food industry

1. Can be applied in the heating and hot water pipe system with the service life of over 50 years
2. Good process stability
3. Rolling and bending are allowed. The smallest bending radius equal to 5D and the pipe can't be rebounded. The stress in the bending part can be dispersed, avoiding the breakage caused by the focus of stress in the application. When installed under the environment of low-temperature, per-heating of the pipe is no needed. ( So the installation becomes easy and the cost is reduced)
4 The temperature of brittle fracture can reach -70 centigrade. Better impact resistance, can avoid rough installation.
5. Higher cost performance ratio

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