Sell PE tubes for gas supply

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The tubes are designed for construction and repairing of gas supply pipelines with pressure up to 0,6 MPa.
Polyethylene tubes for gas supply pipelines are produces according to DSTU Ukrainian State Standard requirements from high density polyethylene (MNPE) of PE-80 type.
Tube diameter is 16-630 mm.
The tubes are produced in black color with longitudinal yellow stripes and marking.
Advantages of PE tubes for gas pipelines
 lifetime is longer than of the metal ones (guaranteed lifetime is 50 years) ;
 are not subject to corrosion;
 PE tubes are 2-4 times lighter than the steel ones;
 PE tubes can stand variable loads from soil,
 butt-seam welding of PE tubes is much cheaper, easier, and takes less time;
 PE joint does not require any additional consumables (isolation) ;
 using of thermo-resistor muff is allowed, at the same time welding process is getting much easier;
 time of welder training for PE tubes is considerably less, than for the steel ones;
 there is a possibility of gas pipeline laying by drawing method