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We can supply peanut butter paste/creamy/crunchy, and our product has got the Quality Certificate of FDA issued by USA relevant authority.
our best offer as follows:
227g ( packed in jar;24 jars per carton) $0.59 per jar
340g ( packed in jar ;12 jars per carton) $0.82 per jar
510g ( packed in jar;12 jars per carton) $1.08 per jar
1kg ( packed in jar; 12 jars per carton) $1.85 per jar
2kg ( packed in barrel ; 6 barrels per carton) $3.75 per barrel
20kg ( packed in carton) $1627 per metric ton
220kg (packed in steel barrel) $1751 per metric ton

1. Peanut butter per carton: FOB
340gx12/ctn.1950ctns per 20'FCL: USD17.92/ctn.
510gx24/ctn. 1380ctns per 20'FCL: USD24.30/ctn.
Creamy and crunchy are the same prices.

2. Fruit cocktail( peaches 35-45%, pear 35-45%, grape 6-8%, pineapple 6-8%, red cherry:2.5%)
425gx24/ctn. 1700ctns Per 20'FCL: USD9.52/ctn.
820gx12/ctn. 1800ctns per 20'FCL: USD9.06/ctn.

3. We have have stock of yellow peaches halves
425gx24/ctn. 1700ctns per 20'FCL: USD9.58/ctn.
820gx12/ctn. 1800ctns per 20'FCL: USD9.06/ctn.

4. Green Asparagus
370MLx12/ctn. 2904ctns/20'FCL: USD9.16/ctn.
425g x24/ctn. 1700ctns/20'FCL: USD19.46/ctn.
340gx24/ctn. 2000ctns/20'FCL: USD18.54/ctn.

5. White asparagus
370MLx12/ctn. 2904ctns/20' FCL: USD12.87/ctn.

6. Canned bartlett pear halves
820gx12/ctn. 1700ctns/20' fcl USD10.50/ctn.

Reply urgently to proceed for more details