PELLITORY ROOTS ( AKARKARA ) You May Also Be Interested In: manure
We do export the best quality of pellitory roots. ( AKARKARA , Akarakarabha ) the origine is Morocco Pure geniun pellitory roots 100% dried roots Cleaned sorted without brushes
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Akarkara or Akarakarabha perennial, procumbent plant with numerous stems and somewhat downy branches, leaves redical, stalked, smooth, pinnatisect into linear, subulate segments, cauline leaves sessile, branches one-headed, involucreal scales lanceolate, acuminate, brown at the edge, receptacle convex, ray flowers white, purplish beneath.

The Akarkara roots contain anacylin, pellitronine, enetriyne, alcohol, hydrocarolin, inulin, traces of volatile oil and seasamin. They also contain deca-, dodeca-and tetradeca-trans-2, trans-4-dienamide, a new series of tyramine amides corresponding to the isobutylamides. The presence of polyacetyenic compounds is also reported in the plant

Planting of Akarkara may be done in autumn, but the best time is about the end of April. Any ordinary good soil is suitable, but better results are obtained when it is well-drained, and of Akarkara a stiff loamy character, enriched with good manure. Propagation is done in three ways, by seed, by division of roots
and by cuttings.

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