Sell PES  syinge filter

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Material: PES (Polyether Sulphone)
Pore size: 0.20um, 0.45um, 0.8um, 1.0um, 3.0um, 5.0um
Diameter: 13, 25, 33
Housing: PP
Filtration Media are available from: Nylon, PTFE, PES. PVDF, MCE, CA, as well as syringe filter with GF or PP prefilter.

1. low binding to proteins and nucleic acid
2. high filtration speed
3. low exeractables
4. good for tissue culture media filtration and protein solution
5. sterile PES syringe filters are Gamma radiation and individually wrapped, certified
RNase-free, Dnase- free.


1. Final filtration for bacteriophage and infusion solutions
2. Sterile filtering protein solution
3. Tissue culture media filtration
4. Tissue culture additive filtration