Sell PES hotmelt adhesive film

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This product PES has the raw materials from overseas, the bonding fabric can meet the requirement of heavy water washing-resistance, oil-resistance, suitable for embroidery badge, glued on trade mark, and can glue the PET material. Its Comprehensive performance can reach the film of import adhesive film, get the good comments from the clients who need the high-standard requirement. Its performance index is as follows:

Type: PES)
Thickness(mm) : 0.05-0.15
Breadth(cm) : 50-125
Melt Range(: C) : 100-120
Press-temperature(: C) : 145-160
Time(s) : 15-20
Laundry Resistance: Better
Dry-Clean Resistance: Good

hot melt adhesive film is the milky white semitransparent film, lined on the release paper, packed with 100 meters / roll.