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After accumulated more than decades'experience in PET recycling field, we not Only developing and supplying the know-how of whole plant equipment and single unit exporting, but also actually running and selling PET materials business in up & down stream productions. Under this outstanding conditions, the equipments and Know-how proposals are certified by actual operations. And the spirit of operated Plan will be complied with and melt in the operator's requirements. From the Recycling Process showed each square drawing representative an independent functional module, which under this standardized process, will obtain best efficient of function and product quality. Also, at this global variety recycling circumstance, each functional module may be adjusted to fit in local requirements.
The concepts and characteristics of processing design

It's been over 20 years in developing washing, recycling of wasted PET bottles'production process. From the ways of handling procedures, it's been divided 2 main streams, which are Washing, Separation first, Grinding last. Or grinding first then Washing, Separation last. The whole concepts are followed the front processes, and some of functions are included rear one. The key point of recycling the material from wasted plastics is the percentage of impurities removed. Which impurities are included in the polluted substances of the environment, other materials attached with the original main plastic body. even with different colors of material. With the variety of other recycled materials, the recycled PET is differ from others due to the high quality PET material's standard is allowed the impurities less then 100ppm only, So, how economically and efficiently to increase the percentage, is the designer's main target. The reasons of our process can achieve this economic and efficient target, due to We controlled the core of different impurities' characters. And through our different functional module' equipments, created the best of impurities separation environments, to purify the PET material step by step.

De-baling & Washing Unit
Under powerful stirring, Bottle-Washer combined de-baling and pre-washing functions, it also makes the processes brief and economics. Combined the power functions of machinery, chemistry and heat energy, those impurities ( including environment polluted substances and labels, but PVC thermal shrinkage labels excluded) will be separated and removed over 90%. Afterwards process equipments will be protected properly due to purified bottle bodies. Especially in grind machines will less suffer because of those polluted substances.

Buffer & Rationing Unit
Connected Bottle-Washer's lots operation with followed processes operations, these stable production flow and variable out-put quantity will match production management's required.
PVC label Scraping Unit
To focus on the most difficult handling PVC labels issue which existed in Asia or other areas, our PVC label scraping unit can scrape the PVC label on bottles efficiently. Also, suggests that it would be installed in main production line when the PVC labels over 30% areas, and less 30% would be installed in sub-line.

Label Separation Unit
Using gravity and floating effect and ratio difference between bottle-body and label ' s mass/area, to remove those labels which has been separated but still mixed with bottle- bodies

Bottles Sorting Unit
This unit is final separation screen before the bottle smashed, to screen those very few left other substances (such as different material bottles, different colors, a few label's ashes, metal reaction substances, garbage, etc) . In those areas where recycled bottles are very simplification ( over 75% is single material and color ) . Or at relativity lower labor cost areas , suggested using manual sorting unit. Otherwise, fully-automatic sorting unit can be replaced, which sorting by optics equipments' signal (Infrared ray and X-ray) to detect different bottle's colors and materials. The feedback signals will effect mechanical and aerodynamics equipments to screen those bottles.

Wet Grinding Unit
This unit is specially designed for smashing PET bottles, which have following characteristics: in-put smoothly and out-put stably, low power consumption, low noise and vibration, strong structure, low maintenance cost. It ' s designed by a wet grinding way, which not only using the water impact to enforce the cleanness of PET flakes, also less the blades ' suffer. Due to cold water decreased the high temperature which caused by the friction effect, and it ' s long lasting the blades ' life too.

Gravity Separation by Water Unit
The smashed flakes are mixed with smashed PP material caps, this unit is using the gravity difference (~1.3/~0.8) of PET and PP , and using water (gravity 1) as a media to let PET down and PP floating above the water. This effective will make PET more purified, and after collected PP flakes and dried it, and this is a standardized productions.

Friction Washing with Hot Solution Unit
After finished above functional Group unit, the quality ' s range of total impurities content under 200ppm (2/10000) already. Also, focus on down stream markets ' quality demanding more stricter, this unit ' s aim to the ultimate purity of the PET flakes. Using of 3 major rinsing effective which are mechanical, chemical, thermal, achieved total impurities under the range of 100ppm (1/10000)

Drying & Packing Unit
Go through the centrifuge and thermal dryer equipment, the dry degree shall less then 1% before the packing, And packaging equipment included a collector tank as well as a vibration base that cause the whole package more density and tighter.

Solution Circulation & Treatment System
Our formula detergent with following characteristics; power rinse effectiveness, low bubbles, low residue, easy management of wasted water etc. Detergent functioned in a closed circulation system, which equipped self-clean system that maintaining the detergent density in right time and right quantity for keeping the rinse cleanness. For ensure the effectiveness of rinsing, the clean water used in the washing unit can be re-used, and this function will achieve the water consumption to a most economic condition.
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