Sell PET Pre-Crystallization and Drying Machine

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PET resin raw materials are high polymerized products, widely used in packaging materials for textiles, pharmaceuticals, film tapes, industrial threads and tableware.
PET has high water ratio. When it is melted under high temperature, PET will
appear air bubbles, crack and yellowing drawbacks.

The water ratio of the pretreated materials is from 0.4 to 0.5%. It is necessary
to decrease the water ratio to 0.01% and under 100pp (1pp=1/million) , even to 50pp
to produce high quality resin.

Introducing in advanced technologies from foreign companies, we have designed this
production line with American adsorbent, Japanese PLD control system, RKC temperature controller, Siemens contactor and monitor to guarantee stable quality convenient operation.
4mx 6mx 4m
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